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quotation-openDon was really able to associate building value to our selling process. By tying into our leadership and business, he made a connection with our sales team and drove home key messages related to customer relationships and sales performance.

- Tom Dalton, VP, World Sales, Honeywell Sensing and Control.

quotation-openDon Hutson has been working closely with my team for two years in the areas of sales, customer service, personal coaching and planning. During this period we have enjoyed sales growth of 50%, gained 30% in market share and increased profits commensurately. Don’s wisdom and sincerity have made him an integral partner in our success. He delivers outstanding results!

- Scott Messmore, President, MBI - Steelcase Distributor

quotation-openNever stop learning!  Engaging in the Sell Value Not Price program was an amazing experience with course content that was concise and to the point – bursting with nuggets of useful information.   Tailored to busy people, the functionality of the technology created a superb encounter.  Thank you Don Hutson – I learned a lot!

- Terry Penza, Director of Network Membership, Real Trends

quotation-openI have been a professional salesman for more than 20 years and I am always eager to learn more and sharpen my sales skills. Your “Sell Value, Not Price” program is one of the best courses of study I have had the privilege to take. It covers the critical skills necessary to succeed in sales today and I highly recommend that everyone who is serious about their sales career sign up for it today!

- Steve Smith, Manager, Memphis Communications Corporation

quotation-openTerri Murphy worked with Eastman Kodak to help execute an integrated marketing plan for targeting real estate professionals with office productivity tools.  Through her work, Kodak was able to drive greater awareness, preference and, ultimately, sales of Kodak solutions with this targeted market.  Terri is someone who engages her clients in strategic thinking and leads to logical and effective execution.

- Veneeta Eason, Director, Future Product Marketing, Eastman Kodak Company

quotation-openI highly recommend Terri Murphy. Our company has been delighted to work with Terri multiple times over the years in many various capacities.  She has been instrumental in the development of distance learning teleseminars, video production, audio podcast productions, interviewing our industry leaders and the authoring of articles and programs for our customers and clients. Terri has also represented our company as a spokesperson and consultant for many new projects and initiatives. Her ability to connect us with our target audience has proved to be extremely beneficial in creating that bridge with our end users, ancillary partners and industries.

- Judy Margrett, President, The Turning Point, Inc.